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The Values of Weighstead

Weighstead ensures the best environmentally friendly products that are zero waste, ethical and toxin free. We cater to those who want to live a life with less plastic, no toxic chemicals and fulfill a sustainable lifestyle. Our eco store provides a one stop shop for home goods that help reduce the use of single use plastics.

Weighstead is focused on supporting the local economy. Most of our vendors are from the US and we specifically search for local vendors that share our low waste values. We want to grow and nurture a sense of community and local economic growth. We choose our retail business partners carefully as we are aware of commercial "green washing" and misleading vocabularies such as "bio based," and "biological."  We fully support small businesses with the forethought of making a positive impact to our community and the environment.

Weighstead heavily focuses on local community outreach; however, we understand that other cities and communities may be lacking a store that provides environmentally friendly, ethical and zero waste products. We've created our online store in order to make sustainable substitutes accessible in rural areas or less environmentally driven states.

Regardless of where you are, we package and ship everything in biodegradable, home compostable supplies. Our boxes, wrapping paper, tape and envelopes are supplied through EcoEnclose, a local Colorado earth-friendly shipping supply store with the same values we uphold.

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