Tooth Cleanse- Anise and Clove

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Anise & Clove Tooth Cleanse is an excellent natural dental product that supports your mouth’s natural process that addresses the health of your teeth.  Unlike standard toothpaste this product does not contain glycerin which means your teeth will be able to “remineralize,” which is your body’s natural way of protecting your tooth enamel.

The key ingredients are clove oil which supports gum health and anise oil which is used for flavoring and has digestive benefits. The Anise & Clove Tooth Cleanse is a gentle alternative that removes bacteria with Fat and the Moon made myrrh tincture and mild soaps.

Pair with Fat and the Moon's Tooth Polish which should be used once every couple weeks to help keep teeth free of stains from coffee and tea.


For best results use within 1-year of purchase

1 fl oz


- castile soap* (water, coconut oil*, sunflower oil*, castor oil*, citric acid, rosemary extract*)

- myrrh*

- biodynamic high proof spirits*

- essential oils of anise*

- essential oils of clove*



1 fl oz



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