Tattoo Balm

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Blue Heron Botanicals 

Tattoo Aftercare Balm

“A healing balm for your new tattoo.  Comfrey and calendula infused oils help your skin heal quickly and flawlessly so you can get to showing off your new ink! Red Raspberry oil is added for its natural SPF and potent antioxidants. Also great for healing minor skin irritations, cuts and scrapes.  ​A zero waste product.”

Key Organic Botanicals:
Comfrey Infused Oil
Red Raspberry Seed Oil and Vitamin E
Chamomile, Tea Treeand Clove essential oils

Features and Benefits:
Soothing and healing Aromatherapy blend
Zero Waste
Plastic Free
Home compostable
Recyclable with paper
Easy push up stick applicator
One for One: Every product purchase saves one baby turtle hatchling



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