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Why stock up on reusable facial rounds instead of disposable cotton rounds? 

There's something about bamboo and hemp that feels extra luxurious on the skin and best of all, it saves you money in the long run. I've never come across disposable facial rounds without plastic packaging. The volume of cotton we throw away for the sake of wiping away dirt and makeup is unnecessary, in my opinion. If there is a better alternative for our pockets and the environment, why not take advantage of it? 


approximately 3.25 inches wide and serged around the edges so they are durable and will last. One side is organic bamboo that is soft and gentle. The other side is organic hemp fleece which is still quite soft and gentle but has a little more texture to help remove stubborn mascara or other makeup. These fabrics are organic, made in the USA and pass all certificates for quality.   

Hemp and bamboo are great fabrics for using on the skin because they are both naturally antimicrobial and anti fungal.  Hemp is also an environmentally friendly fabric and is fully biodegradable.  These characteristics make hemp and bamboo a great choice to use in your skincare routine. 


Washing instructions: 

Machine wash, cold. Lay flat to dry.

To prevent stains,  hand wash immediately after each use and soak in warm water with detergent before putting the rounds in the laundry. Can be washed with clothes of like colors. 


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