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Whether you’re a newbie to the zero-waste lifestyle or have been a veteran supporter of the movement, we’ve got plastic free choices for all areas of your life. Our eco-friendly, online store has one of the best selections of green and zero waste products for sale that you can find today. 

Plastic production has been at its highest in the last ten years. Shockingly, half of the plastics made are ONLY used once and thrown away. It’s hard to believe that we, as consumers, pay for convenience at a such high price to our environment.

As we become aware of the negative impact that synthetic polymers have on our lands and oceans, it’s time that we say NO to single use plastics and say hello to eco-friendly products.

We have over 100 (and counting) green and zero waste products for sale. Weighstead provides a list of environmentally friendly items that will make a huge impact on diverting waste from our overflowing, methane induced landfills.

How much impact can one person really have?

By swapping from a plastic toothbrush to a compostable, biodegradable option, you can reduce over 350 toothbrushes thrown into a landfill.  

Weighstead strives to create convenience for your eco-friendly lifestyle.



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