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When doing eco-friendly shopping online, Weighstead provides resources and products that make it easy to transition to a low waste lifestyle. We believe small changes create massive impacts, and we are committed to reducing the impact of humanity on this planet. By simply buying eco-friendly products, you are contributing to the preservation of the world. 

We are currently located at:
Eclectic Co.
214 1/2 N. Tejon,
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903 

Terracycle: A company that helps bridge the gap in local recycling coverage, Terracycle has provided us with boxes that allow us to recycle common household items such as beauty products and ziplock bags that otherwise would not be eligible for recycling. It is so much better to recycle these items than allow them to occupy landfills, so we are happy to support the Terracycle initiative! We have the standard 5 Terracycle boxes at our Pikes Peak Market location, and a complete list of recyclable materials can be found at Terracycle.com. When you do your eco-friendly shopping online with us, we provide plastic free shipping

1% for the Planet: When you buy eco-friendly products from Weighstead, we proudly donate 1% of all our profit to this wonderful organization that connects businesses and individuals with a means to support environmental initiatives in a very meaningful way. The impact of donations can be felt worldwide and ranges from clean water access in remote, impoverished areas to sustainable land management and climate change projects. The charities that they support are well known and have all of our support! Check out the revolution at onepercentfortheplanet.org
Colorado Association for Recycling: A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of all facets of the industry from state and local governments. We are a business member since June 2018 and attended the Colorado Recycling Conference in Aspen. We plan to attend more conferences during the summer. 

Weighstead’s online eco-friendly shop is built on the foundation of conscious living: consciously choosing what we bring into our homes and what we take out to the trash. One man's trash shouldn't be the ecosystem's inherited burden.

Provide a one-stop shop for affordable, sustainable products that are reusable, recyclable and or biodegradable.

Build a community for people who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and live a less-waste lifestyle. This is achieved by creating an alternative marketplace for those to buy eco-friendly products. 
Excerpt from VoyageDenver Magazine 

Can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. 

It was 2011, I walked into my college military recruiter's office and signed my life away to become a future officer in the United States Army. I left the office feeling elated, excited and petrified. Petrified because at this time, I was practicisng the YOLO mentality and hadn't thought through how I was going to break the news to my parents. Upon hearing my contract, my dad was quite horrified to say the least but he supported me nonetheless. 

The next four years of my college life was normal but not easy. I was a regular college girl who went to classes, partied my existence away, attempted relationships, worked at night while cramming 5 am physical training sessions, piling military classes, and attending weekend field exercises. I didn't paint this picture to make it seem like I was a badass because I'm not going to lie, I was a hot mess. I made it through by not sleeping for four years. (worth it though!) 

After graduating and commissioning, I entered active duty (military) and travelled to a few states for training. It was while traveling across the US that I suddenly found appreciation for the lifestyle called minimalism. For the next 8 months, I drove around with only the belongings I could fit into my Volkswagen Tiguan. The rest of my stuff was stored at a friend's house who was probably awaiting my return so I could retrieve my useless stuff. 

I could go on for days talking about the positive impacts of having a minimalist mindset but I would never get to the point of how I got started with Weighstead and where I am today. By living a minimalist lifestyle, it was almost inevitable to not think about my carbon footprint and ponder how consumerism affects today's economics and environmental changes. I lived in Manila, Philippines for most of my childhood and I recall my city being the capital of plastic pollution. Anyone who's ever stepped in Manila can attest to the detriment of single-use plastics. Everything from shampoo to coffee were packaged in single use containers! Most streets, rivers, ocean bays were covered in plastic. It breaks my heart to know my family lives in a place were plastic have consumed every aspect of their lives. 

I am fortunate enough to live in a country where I have the option to refuse single-use plastics, start a business in my community where I can spread awareness of the damage synthetic polymers can do and provide resources for those who are interested in living a low waste lifestyle :) 

Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

Starting a business, advocating for a new lifestyle, and rallying for cause that some may not find critical will always be difficult. In fact, a cause worth pursuing will always be challenging and without these obstacles, we can't flourish. 

An issue I've noticed in the (vegan, minimalism, zero waste, religion, etc) communities are unwarranted judgments and self righteousness. Most people are not in the extreme categories but those who are can really damper and give a negative connotation to the communities stated above. Some people will create a story and stick to the narrative that if a person isn't all in then he or she isn't doing enough. This certainly isn't the case. 

When people attack others on social media because of opposing views, it deters people from joining a movement that can alter the course of our future. Because let's be honest, talking about trash and changing convenient habits isn't a sexy topic to begin with so it's not an easy trend to hop on. My message to those who are on the fence about being a part of the zero waste journey is "one small action at a time." This doesn't mean you have to be perfect and it certainly doesn't mean you need to throw away everything plastic in your home. It's taking small steps toward a sustainable lifestyle. Start with swapping plastic bags to reusable cotton bags and next thing you know, you'll be changing habits within all areas of your life. 

Tell us about your business/company. What do you do, what do you specialize in, what are you known for, etc. What are you most proud of as a company? What sets you apart from others?

Ooh, the fun part! I am the founder of Weighstead, an eco-friendly shop located in Colorado Springs. We sell home essentials that are alternatives to single-use plastics. Most items are compostable, biodegradable and plastic-free. We offer anything from bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel razors, reusable bags, plastic-free beauty and bath products to stylish to-go essentials. 

I do everything behind the scenes from wholesale ordering, marketing, packaging, shipping, advertising, blogging, social media posting, website design, photography, networking, inventory management, acquisitions and analysis- you name it, I do it. (Minus SEO, my brain doesn't do codes) With that said, I can't do it without the support of all the women-owned businesses in my circle. Seriously, these girls are badasses who keep me grinding everyday. 

I am most proud of the relationships I've built through this business. In essence, I have started a retail store but I don't do in hopes of financial freedom or any type of recognition, I do this for the simple fact that it is my passion. And with this passion, I hope to ignite a revolutionary outlook on how we can change the way we live. 

As an asian minority, as a military veteran, and as a woman, I am a small percentage of the American population. My path has been very different from others, my image has been very distinguished from what people may normally associate within a zero waste community. And this perfectly aligns with my mission on Weighstead.  Zero Waste isn't for the privileged, it isn't just for the picture perfect life, and it certainly isn't exclusive. It's for everyone who wants to make a change for the better. Big or small. 

What quality or characteristic do you feel is most important to your success?

If you ain't persistent like a fly, you ain't going nowhere. 

Persistence and determination have always been my strong suits. I was gifted the opportunity to live in America where I can pursue anything I want do and become who I want be. I think it would be silly to not take advantage of that. 

A few characteristics that have led me to where I am today are my open mind and heart. I take every opportunity, misfortune, and failure as a blessing. "Closing your heart doesn't really protect you from anything, it just cuts you off from your sources of energy. In the end, it only serves to lock you inside." Untethered Soul. 


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