Cheek and Lip Stain

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"Created with nourishing and healing herbs, our formula blends effortlessly into skin to give you a radiant flush that’s soft, dewy and natural

Our awesome vitamin rich and anti-oxidant ingredients definitely makes this worth a try✅

.25 Oz Kraft Push Up Paper Tube

Shelf life - 6 months after opening.

Dab Herb Makeup & Skincare is pleased to offer refills for select items with glass and metal containers! Kindly see our Refills listing for more information.

Ingredients: Unrefined Jojoba Oil*🌿Unrefined Safflwer Oil*,🌿Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil*🌿Rosehips Oil*🌿Virgin Olive Oil*🌿Beet Root*🌿Hibiscus Flower*🌿Pink Lavender Buds*🌿Annatto Seed*🌿Red Root*🌿Clay🌿Arrowroot Powder* 🌿Candelilla Wax 🌿Lavender Essential Oil*🌿Elderberry Extract and ❤️.

*Certified Organic

DAB Herb Make-up hand makes all products from scratch and is a member of Truth in Labeling. Our mission is to provide safer, healing products to enhance a woman’s natural beauty while also giving her peace of mind." 


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