Olive and Clay Shaving Cream

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Fat and the moon 

“Shave away with confidence knowing your newly shorn skin got mad support. That is, when it’s protected by the loving caress of olive oil and rhassoul clay. You might be stoked to unveil your skin to the sun, but we all know how irritating it can be to have the covers pulled right off of you with the morning light RIGHT in your face when all you wanted was ten more minutes of snoozing and the bus isn’t going to pick you up for another entire half hour (GODDDDDDD Mom).

You can really feel that irritation, can’t you? Ok, so since you’re a compassionate person- hook that epidermal layer up! The incredible plant lipids (fat y’all) of shea butter and olive oil protect the skin from being stripped of moisture as you scale back on the thick forests of fuzz, rhassoul clay improves slip and leaves the freshly mowed lawn tranquil.

The Olive and Clay Shave Cream embodies both a soapy enough slick for your razor, with a moisturizing follow up so as not to leave your skin hot and bothered.”

2 fl oz

- olive oil

- aloe vera*

- castile soap (water | saponified coconut* | sunflower* and castor oils* | citric acid and rosemary extract*)

- shea butter*

- beeswax

- rhassoul clay

- baking soda





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