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Dab herb

4 in 1 plant-based makeup primer is formulated to deliver ultimate benefit for the skin:

🌿 Primer- prep face, eyelids and even lips to create a smooth blank canvas for makeup application, intensifies and prolongs color makeup, specially formulated for dry and or combination skin.

🌿 Anti- aging - brightens and tones skin with Vitamin C rich, collagen booster Rosehips, defies soon to form lines and wrinkles with tissue regenerative, silica rich Horsetail, moisturizes and smoothens skin with Vitamins A & E rich Shea Butter.

🌿 Healing - anti- inflammatory, antiseptic, anti- microbial, anti inflammatory Calendula, Horsetail, and Hempseed to repair some inflammations and breakouts on the skin.

🌿 Sun Shield - built-in sunscreen oils and butter, clay, zinc oxide work synergistically to tone and protect your skin from harmful environmental elements.

This primer is pure and concentrated and will last for many moons. You'll surely love it's mild, heavenly scent too 😌

Detoxify, detoxify, detoxify and feel the difference!

Stored in 1 oz. glass jar ( full size )
1/2 oz glass jar ( small size )
Shelf life - 6 months after opening.

Jojoba Oil*🌿Argan Oil*🌿 Grapeseed Oil*🌿 Rosehips Oil*🌿 Hempseed Oil*🌿 Shea Butter*🌿 Horsetail*🌿 Rosehips*🌿 Calendula*🌿Food-grade Clay,🌿Candelilla Wax*🌿 Zinc Oxide ( uncoated,non-nano, pharma/food grade )🌿 Essential Oils of Lavender*🌿Geranium*🌿 Coconut Extract and ❤️.
* Organic



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