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"Handmade soap lasts longer when placed on a wood draining soap dish. Don't let your wonderful soap go mush! Our soap tray is made of white oak. These durable hard wood trees grow in Maine plus other northern states and are much desired because of their durability. It is used in fine furniture, flooring, shipbuilding and heats the cabin nicely with it's high BTU heat factor.

Soft wood like pine does not compare to the mighty white oak. This draining dish will last you years and save you money on replacing your soap. We leave the surface unfinished so there is no maintenance needed. Just scrub it up once in a while and keep going. You can add linseed or mineral oil to add a touch of shine if desired. A normal size bar of soap when new will hang slightly over the edge of the dish that measures 3 1/2" x 2" x 3/4" (8.89 x 5.08 x 1.9 cm). The small size is good for most shower stalls with built-in shelving. Top and bottom are routed to provide 18 drainage holes. Rounded corners and smooth edges. Each one is unique with variations in grain and color. You may have some initial run off of wood resins for a few days; this is natural and expected since no varnish is used. Place a piece of paper toweling underneath while the dish is settling in. This listing is for 1 dish."


Made by Country Folk Soap 



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