Yay for Earth- Stevie's Sensitive Skin Face Lotion

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Can be used day & night on the face for sensitive skin and all skin types! This is an oil moisturizer and not a cream or chemical base so you only need a very little bit for it to yield full benefits!

 An everyday face moisturizer that can be applied anytime to balance, calm, & hydrate the skin - and give your face a glow! Can be applied in the am before sunscreen and make up and/or before bed after you've washed your face. (Check out the additional info below for all its uses!) Olive oil is good as an antioxidant and moisturizer, shea butter has anti inflammatory and collagen boosting properties, beeswax and honey has anti-viral & anti-bacterial compounds, and pomegranate seed oil for anti-aging.  The perfect medley for a calm, happy, and healthy face! 

DIRECTIONS: Apply anytime - a little goes a VERY long way, so use sparingly! Apply small amount (about a half a pea size) to fingers and rub together and apply to face or area where needed. Start with a little and build up if you need to. 
INGREDIENTS: Organic Olive Oil, Local Beeswax, Organic Shea butter, Raw local honey, Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil

USES: Use in the am on face before sunscreen and/or apply in the pm after washing face and right before bed.
This is a face lotion but is also multi-purpose and due to its anti inflammatory, anti microbial, and nourishing properties can be also used to calm rashes, irritations and burns, to remove make up, to alleviate eczema & acne flare ups, hydrate dry to severely dry skin, to balance oily skin etc...  Every ingredient has a purpose!

Store in a cool, dry area at room temp.  

FOOTPRINT: All ingredients are sourced responsibly, and without plastic. Honey & beeswax is from the farmers market and is local, and from a sustainable beekeeper. Pomegranate seed oil is organic and from Mountain Rose Herbs and all other ingredients are from my favorite co- op focusing on organic and fair trade items. Made by me with love and intention! 

Please reuse jar after you finish the lotion off! (Can also be recycled)



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